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About us

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Our Values

We're the ultimate sidekicks for your furry friends! Like the most dependable hiking buddy, we do the right thing, even off the beaten path when nobody’s peeking. You hand us the keys to your home, and we honor that with rock-solid reliability. We follow your pet care instructions to a T, keep you in the loop with crystal-clear updates, and always stick to our promises.

We treat your pups like they’re part of our pack! Every wagging tail is met with respect and kindness, and we’re all about using positive, force-free techniques that build bonds stronger than the toughest climbing rope. It’s all about love, trust, and a whole lot of belly rubs.

We're serious about fun! Our visits are packed with playful spirit and a dash of mischief. Every visit is a new adventure, and we’re here to make sure your dog has a tail-wagging good time. We customize each escapade to suit the sniffing, fetching, and exploring preferences of your canine explorer.

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Meet the Team

All of our Adventure Guides pass a background check and reference check. They complete a 25-hour Training Program and have a current Pet First Aid/CPR Certification. 


They also receive training in Trail First Aid, carry first aid kits on all their Adventures, and are bonded and insured. 

Mikaela M.

Adventure Guide & Team Trainer

Mikaela team member at nature calls dog walking dover nh.jpeg

Pet CPR/First Aid Certified

Trail First Aid Trained


Mikaela lives in Somersworth with her German shepherd, Hotchner, and her cat, Happy. She likes to relax and spend time on the beach. She is a senior in high school and will be graduating at the end of this school year.

Brittany C.

Adventure Guide


Pet CPR/First Aid Certified

Trail First Aid Trained


"Hello! My name is Brittany. I live in Rochester with my daughter and my husband. We have two cats named Neo and Dozer. I grew up with animals my whole life. My family mostly adopted miniature schnauzers. I am an only child and I was very close to my pups, they were my siblings.I have lived in New Hampshire my whole life. I graduated with a B.A in history and earned my M.Ed. I am a certified social studies and special education teacher. I recently left the classroom after 12 years and I’m excited to meet your fur babies!"

Stephanie B.

Adventure Guide & Team Trainer


Pet CPR/First Aid Certified

Trail First Aid Training


"Hi! I’m Stephanie and I am a lover of all animals, breeds, and varieties! I find that no matter what kind of day I am having they just make my world a better, brighter place. They really are a man’s best friend and I can only hope that I can make their day glitter like they make mine.”

Christine Campbell

Owner & Founder

Adventure Guide


First Aid & CPR Certified
Certified Veterinary Technician (expired)

Laser Therapy Certification
Purina Certified Weight Coach

Raw Dog Food Nutrition Specialist

Trail First Aid Trained


“Hi! I’m Christine. I am the Owner and Founder of Nature Calls! I created my company to give dogs the opportunity to get fresh air and exercise while their owners are busy at work or play.

I am a former Certified Veterinary Technician, and have been pet sitting since 2006. My life has centered around improving the lives of pets and their people since 1998"

meet the team

Our Adventure Zone

  • Dover, NH 03820

  • Gonic, NH 03839

  • Rochester, NH (east of 125) 03867

  • Rollinsford, NH 03869

  • Somersworth, NH 03878

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The benefits of canine adventures

New activities, experiences and environments help your dog to live their best (and longest) life! Regular activity helps to support healthy aging, keeps your pet physically fit, and reduces stress and anxiety. 

Your pup doesn't need to be bored and alone all day! Trust that your dog is out having an awesome adventure with one of our Guides! You will love coming home to a well-exercised, emotionally-balanced (and better-behaved) dog. 

Rest assured that your pup is in the hands of a highly-trained and experienced pack leader. Your dog's Adventure Guide is CPR/First Aid Certified, has completed 25+ hours of training, is bonded/insured, and takes periodic training to update their skills. 

Adventures instill confidence through exploration. Our group adventures provide your dog with crucial opportunities to fulfill their needs for socialization. 

With our detailed visit reports, you'll never miss a step of your dog's adventure. You'll receive pictures, videos, detailed notes, Check-in/Check-out times, and a GPS map after every visit.

Memberships & Certifications


Pet First Aid & CPR

Our Team is certified every 2 years through Pro Pet Hero.


Trail First aid

Oregon State University's Trail FURst Aid Training



Member of Professional United  Pet Sitters


Canine Raw Nutrition

Certified in Raw Dog Nutrition


Insured & Bonded

We are Insured and Bonded through Pet Sitters Associates.


Veterinary Technician

Owned by a former Certified Veterinary Technician (NJ) with 13 years in the veterinary field.

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