Alexandra L.
Red's mom

5 stars!

I’ve been using Nature Calls for several months now to take care of my senior dog when I’m out of town. Christine is fantastic and communicates so well. She offers set time windows you can schedule for her to come check in with / walk / feed / play with your pet(s), and gives you a detailed report with a picture after each visit. I was so nervous leaving my dog home alone for the first time, but have way more peace of mind now that I know he’s in such good hands. She is also so reasonably priced for the quality of service she provides, and it’s 100% worth it to me as opposed to other services like Wag or kenneling to know that my dog is able to stay in the comfort of his own home and be walked and cared for by someone he now knows, who also has a ton of dog experience. I would absolutely recommend Christine and Nature Calls to anyone!

Marion D.
Theo's Mom

5 stars!

Christine at Nature Calls has done such a great job taking care of my diabetic and asthmatic cat! Christine always sends an update after each visit, including a picture. She is experienced with administering medications already, so Theo is in great hands when I’m away. I definitely recommend this service to anyone who needs special care for their pet!

Laurie A.
Georgia's mom

Chris is amazing. She takes care of our two very skittish dogs and they love her. She has worked on training with one and has pulled the other one out of her shell. We all love Chris!

Amy C.
Mom to Bella, Logan, Callie, Samantha and Amanda

5 Stars!

VetPro Pet Care is amazing! We can relax when we are away knowing that their team genuinely loves animals and is very thorough and professional. We always hire them for overnight visits and a few day check-in visits here and there. We receive a visit summary, updates on each pet, and a photo of each pet. I know they are good when they can actually photograph one of our super-shy cats without her hiding. They also bring in the mail. Their prices are very reasonable and I am very thankful for this great resource!

Janis D.
Zoot's mom

5 Stars!

My husband and I have been so reluctant to leave our parrot and friend alone for more than overnight…after contacting Vet Pro Pet Care and meeting with Christine we were so excited that someone would care for Zoot the same as we do…we had a wonderful vacation, the updates after each visit were so reassuring that all was going well. I will use Vet Pro in the future for sure and will recommend to all our friends. Very professional operation…thanks Christine!

Tasha Wilson, DVM
Mom to Hazel & Jenkins

5 Stars!

I am a parent of 4 -4 legged pets and it is very hard for me to leave them on a trip. I also have one that is fearful of strangers and I have been reluctant to get a pet sitter because of this. I am so glad I found VetPro! She took her time with Hazel and we had several “ mini visits” until we knew Hazel would be okay with her. It also makes me feel better to know she was a vet tech. I just went on a week vacation without the pets and I was so comfortable! I got regular updates and pictures! And my pets looked so happy! Thank you Christine!

Jill M.
Sydney's mom

5 Stars!

Christine became our pet sitter this summer, and she does a wonderful job. She keeps a regular schedule with our cat, and sends me messages daily on how our cat was on her visit, and sometimes pictures too. She is also great with keeping an eye on things around the house. I recommend Christine and VetPro Pet Care highly.

Danielle H.
Mom to Petey & Veena

5 Stars!

Chris has been taking care of my two dogs since the summer time and has done an amazing job! They are large, hyper and can be bad mannered but it doesn’t phase her and she handles them like a pro. They love her and I couldn’t imagine trusting anyone else with them like I do her.

Erika M.
Oakley's mom

5 Stars!

Christine visited my pet weekly for a few months in the spring. She was very attentive and took great care of my high-maintenance bulldog!

Elizabeth M.
Bruno's mom

5 Stars!

Chris has been helping us for about 3 months now about twice a week. She is reliable, well-organized, trustworthy and straight-up easy to work with. Our high energy, hard to manage dog loves her. Highly recommend Chris and VetPro Pet Care.

Jane F.
Angel's mom

5 Stars!

She is WONDERFUL with my dog. Gives me daily feedback reports about my dog’s overall well-being and has had to pick up a few accidents with no complaints. she has dealt with my broken door all winter!!! And when I first hired her a few months ago she told me about this app she has that maps the dog walk and i never got it to open on my primitive computer but today I saw the map on my smart phone…I just think it’s the coolest thing to see my street and where they walked today and how long it took them and the mileage they made!! She is a very trustworthy person to have in your home and with your pet.

Joan D.
Mola's mom

5 Stars!

I can’t recommend VetPro Pet Care and Christine enough. We hired her to take care of our two cats, one of them needing eyedrops, for two weeks while we were on vacation.

Christine provided daily reports and photos of the cats, administered eye drops, fed, watered, cleaned the litter box, played with the cats, brought in our mail, and even watered our plants. She also replied promptly to any emails we sent. Really fantastic service. It was true peace of mind having VetPro Pet Care look after our pets. We will definitely use them again.

Jaimie A.
Baxter's mom

5 Stars!

We have used Chris for years and have always been extremely happy with her and Gale. She’s part of our extended family. Thank you for all you continue to do for us.

Rae K.
Mom to Lily and Daisy

5 Stars!

Christine and Gale are simply amazing! They started walking my dogs back in September and we couldn’t be happier. They take such good care of my pups and send updates after every walk. They are flexible and work with my schedule. I would highly recommend!!

John S.

Chris is organized, professional and very good with the animals. I’d recommend her services without reservation.

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