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It’s time to renew our business insurance.

I realize insurance is not the most interesting subject, but I thought it would be helpful to address the most common questions I get about our business insurance and what it covers.

What does our business insurance cover?

Our insurance provides liability coverage for property damage, pet injuries, and pet taxi coverage. It covers things such as:

  • Injuries or loss of pets due to negligence
  • Veterinary bills as a result of injury
  • Damage to your home or property
  • Theft from your home by one of our employees
  • Costs of re-keying a home

Is our business bonded?

Our employees are bonded, meaning that our insurance covers theft by any employee. If it is proven that an item was stolen from a home, the bonding would provide for replacement or compensation for the item. (As part of the hiring process, our employees undergo a background check.)

The business owner is not eligible for bonding coverage.

Is insurance required by law?

Our insurance is not required by law. This is voluntarily obtained for the protection of your pets and home, as well as our business.

We don’t plan on having to use our insurance, but we have it in case we need it.

We want you to feel at ease, knowing you are doing everything to make your pet and home safe and comfortable while you are away.

If you have any questions about our insurance policy, we would be happy to provide more information and/or a Certificate of Insurance at your request.

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